Wind Power Is On The Rise, Despite The Controversy

They’re controversial in Cape Cod, a welcoming sight in Seattle, and growing in number across the Unites States. New wind farms are being built almost daily. Opponents argue that the pure size of wind turbines (about 250 feet tall) result in an ugly skyline and a dangerous flight path for birds. Supporters note the environmental […]

Mercedes-Benz Cars is developing an exciting super sports car

When you read the headline, you may not directly associate that with environment friendly news, but it is. The new Mercedes will have only four electric motors which are positioned near the wheels. That will substantially reduce the unsprung masses compared to wheel-hub motors. One transmission per axle transmits the power. This intelligent all-wheel-drive system […]

I bought an outlet switch for my microwave

Do you know how much energy your microwave uses in standby mode? In my case it is 7-watt hours per day. I am using my microwave for less then 30 minutes per day. This means that I am paying for 60 kWh energy per year which I really don’t use.  So a simple outlet switch can […]

Drop your waste into the right place

Sometimes it’s very easy to help protecting the environment. If everyone puts the waste at the right place, the cleaners has an easier job. Seperate your waste as much as possible. Batteries for example should be collected seperate. They are very bad for the environment. In many countries it is also possible to seperate paperwaste, […]

The Green Age

GreenSite starts today, Februari 22nd, 2009 ,a new project. We want to achieved this, that our planet returns again into a green planet. We want to achieve to get as many people as possible behind our ideas. Since the industrial revolution we have neglected the planet a bit . Desertification here and floods there are […]