CCS is unproven, risky and expensive

Did you ever hear of Barendrecht? It’s a small town in the Netherlands. Besides that, the citizens believe that they will live soon in the biggest test laboratory of the world. The federal goverment and Shell wants to store CO2 as a test under an area where 7600 families are living. The citizens and the […]

Europe wastes its resources: €5 billion thrown away every year

Europe throws away resources worth over 5 billion euros every year by landfilling or incinerating materials that could be recycled, Friends of the Earth Europe reported today. At the same time, Europe is importing ever-increasing quantities of materials from the rest of the world. Dr Michael Warhurst of Friends of the Earth Europe’s Resources and […]

I bought an outlet switch for my microwave

Do you know how much energy your microwave uses in standby mode? In my case it is 7-watt hours per day. I am using my microwave for less then 30 minutes per day. This means that I am paying for 60 kWh energy per year which I really don’t use.  So a simple outlet switch can […]

Switch of the lights!

So you wanna know how to make the world a little bit more green? Itś simple, just switch of the light! The CO2 emissions for a standard light bulb of 60 watt is 39 gram per hour (if the powerplant has a 650 gr CO2 emission per kWh). If the light bulb burns 4 hours […]