Google's Power Meter to give better insight into electricity use

Google plans to leverage their giant data compiling capabilities in order to offer consumers the ability to gain a meaningful understanding about how they use electricity. A project of, the mega-corporation’s philanthropic arm, Google’s Power Meter is a software interface that can collect, store, and analyze information from smart devices like next-gen appliances, power meters, and in-home sensors. Google can take the collected data and present users with easily digested information like histographs, pie-charts, and trending information that could help consumers make more energy efficient lifestyle choices.

Google partnered with Energy Inc, maker of The Energy Detective and a front-runner in the market of commercially available smart meters. Using the project management axiom “what’s measured is managed,” The Energy Detective (T.E.D.) shows consumers their real-time electricity usage — displayed in both kilowatts and dollars — to inspire a greater level of awareness about power consumption. When paired with Google’s Power Meter software, consumers are able to turn this information into helpful tips and even benchmark their energy efficiency against similar homes in their area.

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