Is your dog less eco-friendly then a Land Cruiser?

In a new research, scientists have determined that pets can play a large part in increasing greenhouse gas emissions, with calculations indicating that a Land Cruiser’s eco-footprint being about 0.41 hectares, which is less than half that of a medium-sized dog. According to a report in New Scientist, the research was done by Robert and […]

Europe wastes its resources: €5 billion thrown away every year

Europe throws away resources worth over 5 billion euros every year by landfilling or incinerating materials that could be recycled, Friends of the Earth Europe reported today. At the same time, Europe is importing ever-increasing quantities of materials from the rest of the world. Dr Michael Warhurst of Friends of the Earth Europe’s Resources and […]

Researcher looking for nano environmental footprint

Edmonton-University of Alberta biological sciences professor Gregg Goss is on the front line of a new effort to monitor the effects of nanomaterials on the environment. Goss will help lead a team of 19 researchers from across the country in a three-year study of the toxicity of nanomaterials in aquatic environments. Nanomaterials are the microscopic […]

Go to the toilet before you fly

ANA is a Japanese airliner who aksed their passenger to go to the toilet before you fly. The idea is, that the passenger is a little bit lighter, so the airplane needs less kerosene. The unusual request from All Nippon Airways is part of a campaign to reduce greenhouse gas to emit.  In the campaign […]

Is your next gadget an AirPod?

MDI is a company founded by Guy NEGRE in 1991.  The aims of this company are to promote and develop ecological energies; conceive and produce non-pollutant vehicles and systems. The have devoloped a car that use air as fuel. For less then two euro you can drive a 100 kilometers with a speed of 90 km/per hour. […]