Battery breakthrough could cut recharging to seconds

 MIT engineers have created a kind of beltway that allows for the rapid transit of electrical energy through a well-known battery material, an advance that could usher in smaller, lighter batteries — for cell phones and other devices — that could recharge in seconds rather than hours. The work could also allow for the quick […]

I bought an outlet switch for my microwave

Do you know how much energy your microwave uses in standby mode? In my case it is 7-watt hours per day. I am using my microwave for less then 30 minutes per day. This means that I am paying for 60 kWh energy per year which I really don’t use.  So a simple outlet switch can […]

Eat Less Meat

Did you know that cattle, pigs and sheep are eating 5 kilos/pounds of plants like cereals, soya meal or maize to produce 1 kilo/pound meat. They also using 9700 liter or 2562 gallons of water for every kilo/pound. Finally, every kilo/pound meat needs 7 liter/0.84 gallon of gasoline A lot of natural habitat is now […]

Rabbits at risk in home range

In some parts of the world they thrive, to the extent they are regarded as pests, yet in their native range on the Iberian Peninsula rabbits are Near Threatened with extinction, according to The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Their decreasing numbers have also had alarming impacts on the Critically Endangered Iberian Lynx and […]

Drop your waste into the right place

Sometimes it’s very easy to help protecting the environment. If everyone puts the waste at the right place, the cleaners has an easier job. Seperate your waste as much as possible. Batteries for example should be collected seperate. They are very bad for the environment. In many countries it is also possible to seperate paperwaste, […]

Smoking cigarettes leads to deforestation, soil erosion, flooding, the greenhouse effect, and global warming.

In the world there are 1.3 billion people smoking tobacco. The weight of tabacco in a cigarette is approx. 0,83 gram or 0,0018 lbs. The average smoker uses 18 cigarettes per day. That means that world burns every day 19 422 000 kilo or 38 844 000 lbs per day. But before the world smokes […]

Do you want a decorative energy-saving indoor light solution?

With LED lighting strips you can easily install decorative lights in your office, shop or at home. The LED lighting strips are quickly fixed to the required application using adhesive tape or ordinary screws. Being very robust, the LED strips are easy to transport without damage compared with relatively fragile neon lamps and fluorescent tubes. […]

Eat green, save money.

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Is your television spilling energy?

Four percent of all households’ electricity use in the US is used by televisions. The question is how much time US citizens are really watching t.v. Is it only to have some sound in your house? It is a fact, that a lot of people are sitting behind there pc screen and with the t.v. […]