You can have sunlight in your building without having windows.

Sunlight Direct is a US based company, that sells a product which distributes natural light into your building. It is integrated into the existing lighting system. So don worry if the sun goes down. At this moment they only sell their product in the United States.

Make your own solar cooker today.

The Sun Scoop, designed by Stephen Harrigan, is a light weight box type solar cooker. This waterproof cooker is made from plastic flute board (just like corrugated cardboard, but made of plastic). Large enough to accomodate multiple cooking pots, the Sun Scoop is designed to be manufactured in simple workshops in developing countries. It has […]

No plastic bags please!

There are a lot of countries, where they put the stuff you just buy in plastic bags. Not one or two, but if it can they give you for every item a new plastic bag. This is a real waste of resources. Why don’t you use a cotton shopping bag? What is the purpose of […]

Switch of the lights!

So you wanna know how to make the world a little bit more green? ItÅ› simple, just switch of the light! The CO2 emissions for a standard light bulb of 60 watt is 39 gram per hour (if the powerplant has a 650 gr CO2 emission per kWh). If the light bulb burns 4 hours […]

The Green Age

GreenSite starts today, Februari 22nd, 2009 ,a new project. We want to achieved this, that our planet returns again into a green planet. We want to achieve to get as many people as possible behind our ideas. Since the industrial revolution we have neglected the planet a bit . Desertification here and floods there are […]