CCS is unproven, risky and expensive

Did you ever hear of Barendrecht? It’s a small town in the Netherlands. Besides that, the citizens believe that they will live soon in the biggest test laboratory of the world. The federal goverment and Shell wants to store CO2 as a test under an area where 7600 families are living. The citizens and the […]

Is your dog less eco-friendly then a Land Cruiser?

In a new research, scientists have determined that pets can play a large part in increasing greenhouse gas emissions, with calculations indicating that a Land Cruiser’s eco-footprint being about 0.41 hectares, which is less than half that of a medium-sized dog. According to a report in New Scientist, the research was done by Robert and […]

Europe wastes its resources: €5 billion thrown away every year

Europe throws away resources worth over 5 billion euros every year by landfilling or incinerating materials that could be recycled, Friends of the Earth Europe reported today. At the same time, Europe is importing ever-increasing quantities of materials from the rest of the world. Dr Michael Warhurst of Friends of the Earth Europe’s Resources and […]

How do you drink your coffee, mug or plastic cup?

The Dutch organization for applied scientific research, TNO, has investigated if a reusable earthenware mug is more environment friendly then a disposable cup. Their end conclusions is, that it depends on how you use your mug and cup. Cleaning a mug after every use makes the mug not the winner for the environment. If a […]