Search ecofriendly and save the rainforest

Today I received an email from a fellow villager. He told me about Ecosia, an environmentally friendly search engine. I was really suprised that something like that exists. Ecosia is powered by Yahoo and Bing and the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature). All the servers of Ecosia are using “green” electricity and the most […]

Earth Hour 2010 Saterday March 27th.

Coming Saterday it’s time to turn off your light for one hour. That day hundred millions of people and companies will turn off their light for one hour to support the planet. Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. More then 2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off to make their stand […]

Google's Power Meter to give better insight into electricity use

Google plans to leverage their giant data compiling capabilities in order to offer consumers the ability to gain a meaningful understanding about how they use electricity. A project of, the mega-corporation’s philanthropic arm, Google’s Power Meter is a software interface that can collect, store, and analyze information from smart devices like next-gen appliances, power […]

Go to the toilet before you fly

ANA is a Japanese airliner who aksed their passenger to go to the toilet before you fly. The idea is, that the passenger is a little bit lighter, so the airplane needs less kerosene. The unusual request from All Nippon Airways is part of a campaign to reduce greenhouse gas to emit.  In the campaign […]

How to Go Green

Save money and the environment and go on staycation

During the summer season a lot of us are traveling to our vacation addresses. Most of the time we do that by car, airplane, camper, etc. We are spoiling a lot of gas and money when we do that. Have you ever think about a staycation. A staycation is a vaction at home. Staycations do […]

I bought an outlet switch for my microwave

Do you know how much energy your microwave uses in standby mode? In my case it is 7-watt hours per day. I am using my microwave for less then 30 minutes per day. This means that I am paying for 60 kWh energy per year which I really don’t use.  So a simple outlet switch can […]

Smoking cigarettes leads to deforestation, soil erosion, flooding, the greenhouse effect, and global warming.

In the world there are 1.3 billion people smoking tobacco. The weight of tabacco in a cigarette is approx. 0,83 gram or 0,0018 lbs. The average smoker uses 18 cigarettes per day. That means that world burns every day 19 422 000 kilo or 38 844 000 lbs per day. But before the world smokes […]

Eat green, save money.

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Is your television spilling energy?

Four percent of all households’ electricity use in the US is used by televisions. The question is how much time US citizens are really watching t.v. Is it only to have some sound in your house? It is a fact, that a lot of people are sitting behind there pc screen and with the t.v. […]