Restoring GreenSite

Dear visitor, Last April (2010) we lost our complete website. Backups couldn’t be found, so it  looked like that all material was gone forever. I didn’t had the time to restart all over again, so I didn’t payed any attention to this site. Today (October 22th, 2010) I found an export I made in April. […]

Eat Less Meat

Did you know that cattle, pigs and sheep are eating 5 kilos/pounds of plants like cereals, soya meal or maize to produce 1 kilo/pound meat. They also using 9700 liter or 2562 gallons of water for every kilo/pound. Finally, every kilo/pound meat needs 7 liter/0.84 gallon of gasoline A lot of natural habitat is now […]

The Green Age

GreenSite starts today, Februari 22nd, 2009 ,a new project. We want to achieved this, that our planet returns again into a green planet. We want to achieve to get as many people as possible behind our ideas. Since the industrial revolution we have neglected the planet a bit . Desertification here and floods there are […]